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Wine as a gift initially brings up a rather vague idea. Once you have decided that wine compliments the person you are buying for, you then have to choose from the 70 or so countries that produce wine, and the thousands of different regions and types of wine from them. The beauty in this is that there is always a flavor or style that fits. Although unique gifts, or “something special” is almost always sought after by consumers, this may be the one instance where tried and true may come into play. If the recipient ingratiates themselves regularly to a certain dry Cabernet for instance, gifting a light and fruity Pinot Noir may not be the best choice, even if it’s an exceptional or unique vintage.

Also, if a place to store wines safely is unavailable, purchasing an older wine may be a nice treat, and you will gain the more intricate flavors of maturity. In the end, wine can be tough to give. It’s an expedition of sorts, and the dedication needed to find that perfect bottle for someone can show a great deal of caring, and make a lasting impression.

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