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Mother’s day is just around the corner. If you’re like me, your head will pop up off the pillow this Sunday with ‘Oh no’ going through your brain. I understand, procrastination is awesome; she’s a dark mistress who tempts you with free time and then knees you in the groin.

I have a solution. I just got a chance to try this new wine called ‘Tough Day Chardonnay’ by Mira Luna. O.K. so it doesn’t have a fancy French sounding name (even though I think it’s pretty clever) but the wine is seriously good, and when you factor in the value it’s definitely a must try. I mean, it won silver at the 2010 World Wine Championships; that’s no small feat.

Luckily enough, some people know that we love to wait until the last minute, so they try to help us out. Check out this link. It’s $17.99 a bottle, and through Wednesday they’ll give you free ground shipping if you buy three.

If you like good wine with great value and you like your wife, sister, and/or Mom being happy with you, if only for a brief moment, seriously think about this. If you prefer to be loathed and shunned by all women in your family, take your chances. (But I’d still try the wine anyway!)

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