Climb the Ladder, Savor the Flavor

As infants, we wean on mother’s milk. Upon our demise, it’s back to pablum. But, oh, those year’s in the middle! We develop our palates over a lifetime, and breadth of experience is key here. With wine, everyone starts with lighter, sweeter, simpler wines. Then, if they’re lucky enough to have caught the wine bug, they move on to the big dogs. In recommending wines, I always suggest people try a nice French or Spanish grenache/garnacha. They’re great transitional wines, where you’ll be able to determine whether you actually appreciate fine wines. Many of the inexpensive versions tend to be lighter and simpler, but it’s truly a revelation when you first taste a massive Cotes du Rhone. Experiencing that grip, that rich, lush texture can truly make a wine lover out of anyone. Seek out any of the mid- or upper-line wines of Chapoutier or Jean Luc Colombo to catch the bug.
Cheers, Buckley Wineholt

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