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Samples these Wine Tasting Notes from our Forum...

'11 Pasqua Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore

2011 Pasqua Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore ($9.99 Trader Joe's; alcohol level: 13.5%). This wine on Wine-Searcher goes as high as $23. At that higher price you can get a better choice of a Ripasso, but at $9.99 it is a terrific buy. It is inky black on the eye, gives you dried fruits like cherry and raspberry on the nose and upfront; with savory notes of tobacco and coffee in the middle with smooth tannin despite it's youth, and a very nice finish.

Chateau Les Grands Chenes.

For a GREAT 2009 bordeaux under $25, there are a few, I would do Chateau Les Grands Chenes which I paid $19 a bottle.

It is compelling Bordeaux, their first (and i think only bottling) and it should please the masses as well as the bordeaux buffs.

2006 Ygrec by Yquem

If the Gaja Chardonnay stunned me, this one had me straight up in my chair. This was an excellent wine.

The nose was also extremely explosive, floral, mellon, apricot, peach,

The a palate showed much the same but with a nice layer of minerality and structure. Very fresh and balanced. This is a great wine and i would love to try it again.

2006 McCrea Ciel du Cheval Vineyard Syrah.

A very big wine with blackberry and black cherry flavors showing hints of Chambord,licorice, black coffee, bacon, bitter chocolate and mineral. Fat but not heavy on the palate.

It did show some heat from the 14.8% Alc./Vol. Towards the end of the last glass all the "hint" flavors really started to strut.

A several hour decant at this age is in order. Very nice wine. $11 at .375.

2006 McCrea Ciel du Cheval Vineyard Syrah.

Had another .375 last night. Continues to be a beautiful, full smack in your face syrah.

The black coffee note has evolved to an espresso note and the nose has expanded....really nice wine.

Paired with a home made pizza with smoked chicken and basil for a quiet birthday celebration.


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