Cult Wines of '09

Searching collectors yearn to find certain “Cult Wines of ’09″.  They can be found right here at, at prices below their regular release costs, available for a short time with FREE SHIPPING.  Wine Spectator “Top 100 Wines of 2008″ #16, the phenomenal Super Tuscan from Sette Ponti, the 2006 Oreno, is here for you searching collectors.  We’ve got your Cellar Stockers here at low low prices.  Did I mention FREE SHIPPING?  We’re offering a dozen “Cult Wines of ’09″ on our FREE SHIPPING page for a limited time, while these limited supplies last.  San Guido Guidalberto 2006, Tom Eddy 2001 Napa Cab, Gargiulo Money Road Estate 2005 Cab, Vilafonte Series C 2005, Roda Cirsion 2005 & many more.  

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