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- newsguy - 05-10-2007

Cabernet sauvignon leads the way in this stellar blend of Bordeaux varietals. Found this bottle last weekend in Florida for $60. No detailed notes, but...

...this was outstanding. From the second the cork was pulled, great aromas jumped from the bottle, then the glass. Dark fruits and berries, plus wonderful floral and perfume notes. A truly stunning nose. In the mouth, tons of fruit, good acidity and still a bit of fine tannins. Very long finish. This tasted so good I ended up drinking the entire bottle, which is quite a rarity for me. It just got better over time. (And it did go darned well with a porterhouse and garlic mashers!) I think the tannins will be fully resolved in another two years or so. I'd decant for 30-60 minutes if drinking now. Enjoyed this so much, I just picked up a bottle of the '97 off a wine auction site. 92 points.

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- winoweenie - 05-10-2007

One of the "must buys" from most vintages fpr my cellar. Ken Dies, their talented winemaker, is a close dear friend and has made all of their juice since the 78 intro vintage. WW

- winoweenie - 04-09-2009

Just got around to this killer bottle for lunch yesterday. Deep brite ruby. Nose packed with roses with some honeysuckle thrown in. Balanced, bold, and beautiful. In the mouth there's red and light plum fruits, cardamon, and just enough terrior to balance. Supple entry, mid-weight center and a solid 4+ lapper finish. As stated earlier this is a must buy in each vintage for meself. ASlso give it a 92/90. 60 by the box. 14.1% alc. WW

- newsguy - 04-15-2009

sure wish i had more of this wine. the nose was spectacular and i loved the juice. unfortunately, that 97 i got turned out to be years away from being ready. i want some more of the 99!

- winoweenie - 04-15-2009

Come-on-down. WW