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Tim Hayes

John (left) and Tim (right)
Wine Tributaries Columnists
     Tim has been in the wine business for twenty-two years. He worked for Chateau Souverain for thirteen years as a hospitality director and was in charge of trade relations, followed by six years with Chateau De Baun. For the past two years, he has worked for Vigil Vineyards in Calistoga. Besides hospitality and marketing, Tim has worked in all phases of winery production and has been an assistant winemaker. In addition to working directly in the wine business, he has been a member of the Society of Wine Educators, a past president of the Russian River Wine Road Association, a past director of the Sonoma County Wine Library Board of Directors, and he has been a wine judge for the amateur division of the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. Tim has been a wine writer for the past two years in addition to his continued work in the wine business, having created the "Wine Tributaries" column for The Healdsburg Tribune and Windsor Times.

John Koetzner

     John has been in the wine business for the past twenty years, having worked at Chateau Souverain for Tim Hayes, then followed by his tenure at Mill Creek Vineyards and Ferrari-Carano Winery. He later joined a wine team with Tim Hayes at Chateau De Baun and eventually moved to Simi Winery. John has been a freelance writer since 1979, and he joined Tim in 1997 to co-write "Wine Tributaries," a Sonoma County wine column devoted to regional wineries for The Healdsburg Tribune and Windsor Times.


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