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- Kcwhippet - 01-26-2011 11:22 AM

Ligia Marques from Sogrape (the current owners of Sandeman) was in the shop yesterday with a lineup of their ports. We tasted the Founders Reserve, Vau Vintage 1999, LBV 2000 and four Tawnies - 10 yr, 20 yr, 30 yr and 40 yr. All were excellent, with the 40 yr Tawny being the exceptional taste, as it should be. Don't have real tasting notes (left them in the shop), but I would reccomend them all. I don't understand why this house doesn't get at least the same respect all the usual suspects do.

- winoweenie - 01-26-2011 09:39 PM

I agree. The 63, 79, and 77 were as good after 15 years as any of the Vintage I had. WW

- TheEngineer - 01-26-2011 10:59 PM

Me neither, in fact, they were one of my favorite visits when I was in Porto. Loved the stuff! I have a bottle of the 99 Vau Vintage that I brought back with me. They also make a nice white port, crisp and dry unlike many of the white ports that we have seen.

- hotwine - 01-27-2011 01:07 AM

I agree. A Sandeman was the first port I encountered back in the 60's. Still fond of it but rarely see it now.

- Thomas - 01-27-2011 11:47 AM

I think the name gets little respect because Sandeman is too well known that in the minds of many it can't be of good quality.

Just another "sheep" mentality thing.