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- wdonovan - 12-20-2005

I see it for sale in a 375 which makes me think it's a botrytis wine, maybe like Muscat de Beaumes de Venise?

- Kcwhippet - 12-20-2005

Basically, it's a sweet wine made from Chenin Blanc in the Loire Valley from a small area (@110 acres) around the village of Chaume.

- wondersofwine - 12-20-2005

It is a botrytis wine but I think from Chenin Blanc rather than a Muscat grape type. Perhaps Bucko, Foodie, KC or someone else will step in and make a correction if I am wrong. It's from the Loire Valley region.
There you go! KC was replying even as I typed.

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- Bucko - 12-20-2005

What it is can be answered in one word -- good.

- wdonovan - 12-20-2005

I'm guessing more in style like Muscat d Bd Venise than Sauternes, that is light bodied? What types of flavors would you normally find, i.e. muscat is very pronounced, as is an almost guaranteed honey taste in Sauternes? This wine sounds interesting, as I am deeply in love with almost all botrytis affected wines that I've had.

- Scoop - 12-20-2005

Quarts de Chaumes are not fortified, and they tend to lighter and more elegant on their feet than either Sauternes or any Vin Doux Natural (like Muscat Beaumes-de-Venise). Remember, the Loire is further north, and the wines generally sport higher acidity. Like in Sauternes, however, Botrytis is a fairly reliable factor in these wines, making for a big imprint as well. And they express beautiful (100%) Chenin character -- floral notes, stone fruit (often white peach) and a minerality that you don't get with many other sweet wines (Rieslings excepted). Some of the most amazing dessert wines anywhere.



- Bucko - 12-20-2005

Great description, Scoop. I love these wines and have a bunch in the cellar from '89 on.

- wdonovan - 12-21-2005

Yes, excellent scoop, Scoop. You really have my interest piqued. I'm leaving for France Sunday so it's too late to order wine but I will order some the first week of the 06 year. I really can't wait to taste it. Maybe I'll cancel the trip to Champagne and Paris and just order a couple bottles. Nah...

- Scoop - 12-21-2005

An excellent source of value, in the same vein, is the appellation of Coteaux du Layon, which is the larger region surrounding the tiny districts of Quarts de Chaume and Bonnezeaux in Anjou (across the river from Savennieres). And an excellent producer to seek out is Pierre-Bise: rich and honeyed, yet vivacious, with notes of straw, quince and orange peel...and a mile-long finish.

Enjoy France WDonovan -- at least THEY don't have a transit strike going on at the moment!



- Thomas - 12-21-2005

Yeah Scoop, like you have such a long walk to work [img][/img]

Quince--that's the fruit I was looking for; that's what I get from the wines.