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- brappy - 04-22-2007

Like I said in the other thread, I got this wine to taste a birth year wine. Hattie's.... not mine(I'm '70). I took notes throughout the evening. We drank this great juice while overlooking Hendry vineyards which are at the foothills of Mount Veeder.

Initial opening:
Age has lightened the color quite a bit. Not just the rim, but all of the juice. Almost looks like a Burgundy. Nose exhibits some oxidated fruit with wood. Also some band-aid smell. Not a great nose, but what could I expect from a 33 yr. old Zin. The palate, on the other hand, is wonderfully youthful. Nothing but berries. Actually, there's a touch of coffee as well. Great long finish.

After 1 hour:

Nose has more fruit coming out, but still has the band-aid. The oxidized fruit is much less prevelant. Palate is still just amazing.

After the second hour:

Nose has lost the band-aid and the fruit is primery and in your face. The palate is beginning to change a bit. I'm now picking up some eucalyptus. The acid is still in great balance. The mid palate is gaining some weight. But the fruit is what keeps on going. I'm not sure this will last another hour.

After another 50 minutes:

I was wrong. The eucalyptus has reached the nose now. the oxidative quality is all but gone. I have to really search for oxidative notes. The palate is still evolving. The fruit is still kicking. Had to take this note early because I only had about 2 ounces left at that point.

I did NOT believe this wine would be as good as it was. Somehow, I believe I got lucky. On the other hand, Mr Swan knows how to put together a great Zin.


- winoweenie - 04-22-2007

Mark you've encountered what very few paople knew back in the good-ole'-days...Joe Swan was not only a drop-dead handsome ex-airline pilot, but was one of the best winemakers to call Sonoma home. Sat on his back screened-in porch many afternoons while drinking some of the most memorable pinots, Zins, and yes even Cabs(he had about a 1/4 of an acre planted next to the house for his own consumption) His vineyard on Trenton rd was primarily Pinot of which he was unquestionably the master and he knew every vine like it was his child. His son-in-law Ron Bergland is doing a masterful job in trying to fill some mighty large boots. WW

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