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- TheEngineer - 10-09-2010

A great old German style label with the world "Unique "Bramble" Flavor. 12.5% alcohol. My friend purchases when the Sabastiani's split up some time ago.

Wow, this thing blew me away! Bright garnet and translucent in color. Fragrant nose, slight berries, so balanced and yet still with a good amount of power. Wine has changed into something rather elegant, but again, with power and finesse. Still rather primary after all these years, fruit up front but with good structure, old wood, cigar, spices behind it. The latter items were a bit muddled but still a 34 year old bottle that made it to now and still had enough to be enjoyed.

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- winoweenie - 10-09-2010

The Ex-perverts unanimously state that Zins wont age. Some of my great drinking experiences have been with 20-30 year old zins. The Sebbasi' were producing some great juice in the 70s' so it 'haint surprising to this bird. WW