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- winoweenie - 09-01-2006

Deep ruby. All the berries dominate the nose. Gives the impression of restraint on entry and the alc content is a non-factor. Solid entry and center with a 3&3/4 lapper finish. Lovely effort that should be consumed early. 88. 16.4% alc. WW

- Innkeeper - 09-02-2006

Early! We still have the '02 and were planning on the '03 for next year. Will that be too late?

- winoweenie - 09-02-2006

Any time from now till 08 on the 03. The 02 is a little stro9nger structure. WW

- Drew - 09-02-2006

That woke him up!


- TheEngineer - 02-04-2007

Wow....this thing is BIG!!! I don't ususally open things like this but this one worked well tonight with a few ribs in the oven slow cookin'

For me this is a big time thick sweet zin with loads of berries and more than a hint of dark chocolate! Nice! This stuff could be addictive......

- Innkeeper - 02-14-2007

Don't know or tell if you opened the '02 or '03 Mike, but we opened the '02 tonight and it was poyfect.

We were looking for a big, jammy Zin tonight, and it filled the billed beyond our expectations!!! Despite its horsepower, it was perfectly balanced. So says my beloved on this special day. It has been a long time since she got this enthusiastic.

We worked together today to put together a meal of lamburgers, eggplant salad, and brown rice pilaf for a great Valentine Day dinner. Hated to cancel our dinner reservation, but this meal would have been hard to top.

This wine would have even worked well with a chocolate dessert, but we had banana pudding after finishing the wine. Great!!!

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