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- Innkeeper - 10-10-2008

2003 Tobin James, French Camp Vineyard, Zinfandel, Paso Robles ($38). Alcohol level: 16.4%. Came in the Spring ’06 shipment. It was a luscious wine.

It gave a powerful dose of red and black fruit on the nose and tongue tip. In the middle we found raspberry jam, spice, and pepper in the complexity; without a trace of tannin, nor any burn from the alky. The finish lingered on and on.

We matched it with Mac (Ziti) & Cheese, and peas; with chocolate cake for dessert. It was a very nice 69th birthday dinner.

- hotwine - 10-11-2008

Happy #69, IK! Great meal and wine to match.

- winoweenie - 10-11-2008

Happy there you old coot! [img][/img] Was this an 03 or 06? WW

- Innkeeper - 10-11-2008

An '03. You can't edit the thread title. Fumble fingers strikes again.

- hotwine - 10-11-2008

I just delete the whole danged thing and start over when the title be messed up. Kind of like sayin' f$%#! in front of your mother... you can't take it back.

- mrdutton - 11-19-2008

Reminds me of a dinner I went to with a friend. Twas at his parents house. We were young bucks, home on leave from the Navy.

His parents were right proper people, old money, roots back to Boston old society people.

About a quarter of the way into the meal, my friend spoke up, "Hey Mom, would you pass the F$%#!'n salt?"

I about choked on my mouthful of food. His sister turned about six shades of red. Dad was turning blue. Mom just smiled, looked at him and passed the salt.

OBTW........ Tobin James wines just seem to be good to gooder year after year after year.

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- Innkeeper - 07-12-2009

Popped our 2004 last night. It came in the spring '07 shipment and still listed at $38. Alcohol level: 16%.

It gave black and red raspberries (who can tell the difference?)on the nose and upfront. Gobs of jammy fruit, pepper & spice, were in the complex middle, and the finish lingered seemingly forever. The boldness of the wine absorbed all the heat from the alcohol, but we were a light headed afterward.

We matched it with grilled rib eyes, potato salad, and homemade cole slaw.

We successfully grilled the steaks by the sear and bake (a.k.a. restaurant method) that we have been using inside during the rain. We seared them over the hot coals with cover open; then we added soaked mesquite chips to the fire, and closed the lid. Halfway through cooking, we turned them and put a pat of butter on top of each. Yum, yum; and the wine match was perfect.

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- Innkeeper - 07-17-2010

We popped the '05 tonight, just a year after the last one. It came in "Winter" '08 shipment. No change in price, horsepower, or quality.

Same steak, but with corn-on-the-cob, and sliced tomatoes. Great Saturday night.

- Innkeeper - 08-15-2011

Popped the '06 last night. It came with the Spring '09 shipment. The list price is still $38, but the alcohol is down to 15.4% (still a lot). Enjoyed it with the same meal as last year's except the steaks were tenderloins in bacon rasher, grilled over charcoal and mesquite. Wonderful!

RE: '06 Tobin James French Camp Zinfandel - Innkeeper - 12-03-2012

Popped the '07 tonight and drank it all by myself, she didn't want any; hick!

RE: '06 Tobin James French Camp Zinfandel - winoweenie - 12-04-2012

Lucky Pup! ww

RE: '06 Tobin James French Camp Zinfandel - TheEngineer - 12-06-2012

Smile I'm sure you'd have shared !

I still have this one in my cellar. Might pull for the holidays.

RE: '06 Tobin James French Camp Zinfandel - Innkeeper - 04-27-2013

Popped the '08 tonight with Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) and our own egg rolls. Wonderful!

RE: '06 Tobin James French Camp Zinfandel - TheEngineer - 05-01-2013

oh I'm so hungry!!!.............

RE: '06 Tobin James French Camp Zinfandel - Innkeeper - 07-12-2014

2009 Tobin James, French Camp, Zinfandel tonight. This wine always lives up to its name. Tonight we enjoyed it with loin ends Teriyaki, grilled over charcoal and wild cherry chips; brown rice, and sliced tomato and cucumber. The cucumber was the first fruits from our garden in this late season! Yum!

RE: '06 Tobin James French Camp Zinfandel - Innkeeper - 01-19-2015

2010 Tonight. Just as nice as ever. Matched it with well trimmed loin lamb chops, baked sweet potatoes, and eggplant salad. Yum!