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- raggedy1 - 02-09-2001

anybody heard of this vineyard or had their zins? Just picked up a bottle for $20 on the recommendation of the wine shop. The winemaker is Corey Beck (cellar master at Chateau Montelena for 4 years).

- winoweenie - 02-09-2001

Rags, `haint heerd of the Tahila Winery but have drank marvelous juice for over 30 years from Martinis` " Monte Rosso" vineyard, which was old Louis favorite plot of land. Some great Cabs and Zins have been concocted from those grapes. Biale is making some super-premium Zins from the grapes. `Kaint possibly see how this couldn`t be a ver`-goot-drink. winoweenie

- raggedy1 - 02-10-2001

WW, I was told to give this one a try. The wine shop salesman told me it doesn't sell well because of the lack of name recognition. He believed the quality to be that of one that costs $50! We'll see....

- winoweenie - 02-10-2001

Think your salesman mite be a bit over-zealous on the price as I don' know of none 50-buck zin. The Biale is 32 and I gulped before buying that sucker. Agin', the vineyard is top-knotch. Betcha' Mikey likes it. WW

- raggedy1 - 02-10-2001

I thought the same: a zin that costs 50 bucks better be heaven on earth!

- raggedy1 - 02-21-2001

I had this the other night. I would recommend this wine to those who are looking for a "classic" zinfandel. Not as fruit driven as I prefer, but it was nonetheless very enjoyable. Oak and spice in a complex, slightly austere style. Would never confuse this with the fruitier zins that I've been drinking.