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- Thomas - 11-15-2000

Frank Prial's Winetalk column was given over to American wines for Thanksgiving. He made a few good points about the lack of good domestic wines to compete in the low price range with Europe; then he recommended wines for the turkey table.

He of course recommended some Zinfandels; the first he mentioned was the '97 Zabaco. But he also mentioned Chardonnays and Merlots, none of which we all think of as turkey wines. Was that a service or dis-service to the mass market?

- winoweenie - 11-15-2000

Foodster, Kaint` possibly imagine, even as rabid a reddie as me be , a Merlot wif` Turkey Stuff? He must have a marvy incisive palate that few of us possess. winoweenie

- mrdutton - 11-15-2000

I am having Georges D'B 2000 Beaujolais with my Turkey. The wine will be fresh off that ship that is supposed to arrive on November 16th.

- Thomas - 11-16-2000

I can hear the fog horn in the distance--Deeebooff, Deeebooff...

- Scoop - 11-16-2000

I think that FP was a bit lazy and cookie-cutter in his column -- maybe he's just bored. He's doing the least-common-denominator thing. Further, I believe he confused vintages re: Zinfandel, writing, erroneously I believe, that the 1997 Zin vintage was rather thin compared with the fruit-driven 1998 (it was the reverse: 1998 was the wet El Nino vintage). Very careless.



- hotwine - 11-16-2000

Merlot and Chardonnay with turkey? Yeow! Sounds like a disservice to me. We'll stay with a German Riesling with the meal, and use the Beaujolais for quaffing. I won't even experiment with a Zin. Thanksgiving dinner is too special an occasion for us, to shoot craps with the wine.