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- Innkeeper - 02-01-2001

1997 Arciero, California, Zinfandel. Initially tasted this alongside their upscale EOS brand same vintage. They really didn't want to do it, but Mrs IK insisted. We both thought the Arciero was better. Have to admit, when we did the same thing with their cabernets, we went with the EOS. You might want to consider this next time you're in a tasting room with more than one line or brand.

Anyhow, this baby is all plums and raspberries on the nose and tongue tip. Earthy, tarry nuances; nice complxity; and smooth tannin in der middle, and a lovely, lingering finish. Comparable to Ravenswood Vinters Blend in style, body, and price. The Arciero is a nicer wine, but not as widely available. Had it with broiled smoked bratwurst, onions, and salad. It was a perfect match.

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