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- Master_Yoda - 05-17-2002

I'm back!
-Before my review, let me state that Zins are probably my least favorite wine. Thats not to say I don't like it, just not as much as Cabs or Pinots.
-My father in law is a huge Zin fan, so we popped open this Zin with seasoned tri-tip and garlic mashed potatos. This unfiltered wine has a nice dark color and seems to hold up well. The taste hints were a pleasant mix of raspberry and plum with that remained very lightly with the finish. Interestingly, the sharp tastes (including tannins) that I associate with zins are not very present in this wine. Overall, pretty standard zin that was nice with dinner. 85 pts.

Master Yoda

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- Thomas - 05-19-2002

I've had Brutocao wines before and found that they do not hold up well. They seem to be half-made wines, missing something.