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- Innkeeper - 11-22-2004

2003 Easton, Amador Cournty, Zinfandel ($14 at Winery). Alcohol: 14.5%. The '02 got a miserable 70 from WS. This one is worth an 84 or 85 IMHO. Was expecting something much lighter as this bottling normally comes from younger vines. This batch must have been purchased from more mature local vineyards. Gives you fresh red fruit on the nose and upfront. The middle is full enough to stop the alky from being too hot. All followed by a very nice finish.

Wish I could report a wonderful match. This was not be. I hoped it would be light enough to go with penne in a bottle tomato and portabelo sauce, with broiled Italian fennel sausages; and a salad in blue cheese dressing. The wine went well with the salad.