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- andrawes76 - 07-29-2009

Just like a brand new puppy, this one is ready to play. You know its going to grow into its character. Forward in style, dusty semi-polished, blackberry, blueberry, anise, and a dash of vanilla reveal some earth that really produces a zippy wine that's aching for a nice thick burger. It left me thirsty for more. Planning another trip in August and I'm gonna get a case of this one.

- dananne - 07-29-2009

This seems to drink well out of the gate, but it's also one of the few domestic Zins that age very consistently well. Many others fall apart, I suspect because of the high alcs.

- winoweenie - 07-30-2009

By the way for any of you that are interested, Fred is offering his O&M and Shale on futeres at `18.75 per, one of the best buys in America on bottled grapes. WW

- andrawes76 - 07-30-2009

I like the sound of that! Well worth it in the teens.