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- Innkeeper - 04-26-2006

Bought a bottle of this out of defferance to them for a nice recipe and menu in their ad in the current (May 15) WS. Double decanted it as I thought I saw some glop in the first glug, glug. Ran it back into the cleaned bottle through the decanter funnel. No glop! Might have been a good idea after all, as it was closed at first. The second glass was much smoother, but nothing spectacular. This ran $8.99 at the local package store, and coulda shoulda got the first line Rosenblum for a buck less. Alcohol level was 13.9%, but should have owened up the the big 14.

Matched it with the oven baked chicken in BBQ sauce with mashed potatoes and green beans, as recommended in the affore mentioned ad. Very nice dinner, with an OK wine.