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- ddf68 - 02-28-2001

A new wine store opened in town last week and they had several bottles of this. Having never had it and having read some raves I jumped on a bottle. Unfortunately, it was completely dominated by a cedary minty kind of flavor which would have been good and interesting as a background note but as the entire wine it was unpleasant, to be charitable. I would never in a million years have picked this as a zin. On the walk back home with the bottle, the dog managed to knock it out of my hand onto a concrete sidewalk--and it survived, so I can recommend the bottle highly, but the wine not at all.

The wine which followed, '98 Janasse Cote du Rhone "Les Garrigues" was twice as good at half the price. Dark color, thick, meaty texture, ripe dark fruit with enough garrigues flavor to justify the cuvee name. Expensive for a Cote du Rhone, but definitely the best I've had so far, though I haven't tried the Coudelet de Beaucatel yet.


- Bucko - 02-28-2001

I find the wine too big and hot for my palate -- too blown.


- winoweenie - 03-01-2001

I'm wif' the Buckereenie on this baby. I put it in the same catagory as all the Turleys' I've had. Too much show, No Go! ( with food ) WW

- jock - 03-05-2001

Right on guys! Both Martinelli and Turley are almost always overblown monsters.

Ever notice that the biggest wine usually wins a blind tasting? Give me complexity, finesse and balance. Seems to me there is a well known wine advocate who has a severe tendencay to give big scores to monster wines.

- ZinNoEsBlanco - 03-18-2001

Hmm... On special occasions when I take along a bottle of Turley Zin to share with dinner, I have never had anyone say anything negative about the wine. Rather, the most common comment is, "This is the best red wine that I have ever had." The second most common comment is, "We'll have to have you back for dinner, soon." But then, I guess that they're just plain, simple folk who don't know better.

And, if you want complexity, try to find a '95 Turley Hayne zin. It is mind-boggling. You'll discover taste buds on your tongue that you didn't know you had. Best regards, ZinNo.

- Drew - 03-18-2001

I also agree that complexity, balance and elegance are FAR more important than IN YOUR FACE! I do like overblown once in a while but 90% give me balance.