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- wondersofwine - 05-05-2003

Newsguy liked the 1998 vintage, not the 1999. Drew liked the 1997 he tried. WW was disappointed in the 1999 version. Bucko gave a decent rating to the 2000 Reserve version. Now I FINALLY found it to try--at least by the glass.
Had a glass for $9.00 (have to consider the venue) at the Lounge of the Watergate Hotel this weekend. Dark red/purple color only slightly translucent. Nose of dark raspberries and blackberries. Not overwooded. Taste follows nose: dark berries. Medium body, nice aftertaste. Tannins resolved; smooth drinking. (Not reminded of throat lozenge so maybe this surpasses the 1999.)
I haven't had this side-by-side with the Sonoma Heritage Vines Zinfandel but think it would be at least equal if not surpassing it. Nice with a cheese plate, mixed berries, and toasted pecans. It was better with a slightly creamy cheese and the cheddar than with the bleu cheese or runny type cheese. Better with the blackberries than with the red raspberries or strawberries (definitely a dark berry thing going on there). The cheeses were also served with a crunhcy toasted bread rather than with crackers.
I would buy this from a retailer if I could find it.

- newsguy - 05-07-2003

WOW: now this sounds like the wine that i loved, not the 99 version, which i'm hoping was just an abberration. i'll give it a try.

BTW, anywhere i could get some information on that tasting you went to at the watergate? DC is my hometown and i'm always looking for a good excuse to visit. that sounds like a *really* good excuse [img][/img]

- wondersofwine - 05-07-2003

It's an annual event sponsored by Macarthur Beverages (also known as Bassin's). If you go to their website or ask to be put on their e-mail list you will find out about it. They also have a dinner on Friday but I didn't attend that. It sold out before the tastings did and was too expensive for me anyway.

- wondersofwine - 05-14-2007

Finally got my local grocery store to stock the Dry Creek Valley Reserve Zinfandel along with the other Rancho Zabaco entries so I have had this in my collection for awhile.
Opened it last week.
14.3% alcohol
Very dark puple color; opaque.
Dark fruits and some herbs on the nose; same carries over to the palate. Nice blackberry and bramble fruit. Still drinking well. Held up over three evenings with refrigeration. I would rate as very good and reasonably priced for the quality.