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- Drew - 09-04-2002

The worst wine I've ever had. Spied this in an out of the way wine store and was duped into a purchase as A. it was a '97 and B. it was $8. On opening, the nose of sour rotten fruit lept from the bottle and punched me in the nose. One taste and the flavor matched the nose. Seeing my face, and in disbelief that a wine could taste so bad, my wife took a sip and there we were...looking like that commercial for "Bitter Beer Face". The bottle was dumped down the drain. The label indicates a small amount of Petit Sirah was blended in this 15 to 52 year old vines Cuvee. 13.5%Alc/vol. Serve it to your enemies, or wine snob associates....better yet, enter a girning contest and take a swig right before your turn!


- Kcwhippet - 09-04-2002

Could it have just been a bad bottle. I don't think I've ever seen you pan a wine so strongly.

- winoweenie - 09-04-2002

Who cares about the panning, inquiring minds want to know what's a " Girning". WW [img][/img]

- Kcwhippet - 09-04-2002

I saw that on the tube once. Some old guy whipped out his false teeth and pulled his lower lip up to his eyes. Another lady pulled her upper lip down over her chin. Truly a world class sport.

- mrdutton - 09-04-2002

A Scottish sport (or maybe Irish) as I recall. Who can make the ugliest/funniest face is the object. (Probably also involves the massive consumption of the local carmel colored usless carb drink called whiskey.)

The pictures of the old guy with no teeth and of granny are classics.

They've been used in various ads all around the world and I think the old toothless fellow used to be (still is?) in the World Book of Records.

- Drew - 09-05-2002

This bottle wasn't corked or cooked....the first thing I thought was bad winemaking. I don't have a lot of experience in "Off Bottles" so I guess it could have been.