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- oostexan - 04-29-2007

Bought a mixed case of this and the 04 Haywood Zin. Opened an hour in advance to let it air. At first it tasted like fermented Concord grape juice with spice and alcohol, but then it began opening up with rich brambly fruit that was distinctively Paso zin. Nice pepper and spices on the finish.

When paired with my smoked pork "sticky" ribs, it was nirvana. The bramply berry fruit with white pepper and meduim length fruity finish was a perfect pairing. Somewhat sweet, this goes well with food that has a little bit of spice and smoke.

This is a very nice sub 20 dollar wine when paired with smoked BBQ (pork, brisket, etc.). Otherwise, I would probably pass as it was outclassed by the Haywood Zin(notes to be posted soon). Might also be a good grilling wine for burgers, dogs, etc. Good summer wine. Not something you are going to spend a lot of time reflecting on.

But hey, I think that is the point. Have fun, and pass the bottle...

Good value at 15 by the box.


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