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- Drew - 07-24-2004

This was a wow wine for me and guests after dinner on a boat cruise in the Assawoman bay at sunset. Clear ruby. Raspberry and red berry flavors with spice and a hint of clove. Pushing the late harvest style. Viscous and full bodied but not weighty. Very long finish. I wouldn't be surprised if it contained RS due to the sweet componet it exhibited. A delight to drink. 15.8%alc/vol. $20. Only 200 cases produced.


- winoweenie - 07-24-2004

Will know today if my pusher can obtain the sucker. WW

- Glass_A_Day - 07-24-2004

I did a little reasearch as I too would love to try. None of my usual places seem to have it, but it does appear to be available from the winery directly. They have an orderform online.

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- Drew - 05-16-2009

Popped another on the boat on a sunset cruise with Eileen and Mom. Really killer zin that just keeps going and going. Has now developed some brown sugar nuances. Eileen loves this zin and I surprised her, didn't tell her what we'd be drinking until her first sip and she knew it was a Moshin without me telling her. BTW, found another bottle of this in Coastal Wine on the way down. Have several left.


- wondersofwine - 05-16-2009

The winery is in Healdsburg, CA so I assume the wine is from Sonoma County.

- Drew - 05-16-2009

Bottle sez, Produced and bottled by Moshin Winery Felton, California. Front label sez Shenandoah Valley. Is that near Healdsburg and Sonoma County?


- Kcwhippet - 05-16-2009

Shenandoah Valley is up in the Sierra foothills - in Amador County.