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- Drew - 07-27-2004

77% Zinfandel
16% Petite Sirah
6.5% Carignane and .5% Other

Now we're talking. Could be posted in Best Buys also. Deeply colored. Explosive nose of blackberry, dark cherry and spice. Deep flavors of spicy plum, blackberry, cherry, raspberry and a hint of chocolate and toasty oak (very little and accentuates nicely me thinks). Nice finish and some med. grained tannins. I think this wine will benifit from age for 5 years or so. 13.8%Alc/vol. $15. Really nice stuff.


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- wondersofwine - 07-27-2004

I would like to taste through other Rosenblum zinfandels. I liked the Rockpile Road but my favorite currently is the Harris Kratka.

- Glass_A_Day - 07-31-2004

Just picked up some myself. Looking forward to popping one tonight.

- wondersofwine - 08-25-2004

I paid $17.99 at The Wine Merchant, Raleigh.
Very dark dense purple color. I started to record the nose as blackberry but decided it was more like a black currant liqueur or cassis to me with some tarry element also.
Black ripe fruit on the mid-palate. Definite pucker factor on the finish (tongue and inside of cheeks). Did okay with sirloin steak but I can see it more with barbeque. Still prefer Rosenblum's Harris Kratka which is more expensive.
The Wine Merchant also had Rosenblum Continente but it sounded less attractive from the label (anise and coconut were mentioned in the flavors). It sells for about $4.00 more than the Oakley Vineyards at the winery.

- Drew - 08-25-2004

I tried to order the '01 Harris Kratka at Charleston's restaurant but the wine person talked me out of it claiming it had very raisiny flavors and wouldn't pair well with the is it?


- wondersofwine - 08-25-2004

Notes on 2000 vintage Rosenblum Harris Kratka:

I had two bottles of the 2000 but I can't find it locally so haven't tried the 2001. I thought the 2000 went well with food. Trying it at a picnic before the food was ready I felt it would show better with food (it may also have become too warm at the picnic).