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- ossson - 05-28-2002

Any suggestions for a 1984 Merlot priced around $25.00 and where to buy a case?

- Innkeeper - 05-28-2002

Hi Ossson, and welcome to the Wine Board. Before the mid-eighties there was very little varietal merlot bottled in California or elsewhere in the New World. It then became so popular that every last bottle was snapped up for over a decade. Doubt is their is any left. Earliest producers were L.M. Martini and Sterling. You might check [url=][/url] on the faint hope. Doubt that you will find a case or at $25.

Bordeaux that year was a disaster, so would not even look there.

- winoweenie - 05-28-2002

Don't forget Dan Duckhorn. His Three Palms Vineyard set the standard for Calif Merlot. But hate to tell you O...A bottle would cost you over 200 smackers! This quest of yours would make a great TV series... We could call it " Mission Impossible ". WW [img][/img]