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- Glass_A_Day - 11-23-2006

Nice round Merlot to go with Tom turkey. Red fruit dominated with a silky finish. Bought at winery this summer and was the only straight Merlot in my cellar.

- winoweenie - 11-30-2006

Had this a my favorite pushers with Dan and put it and big-bro 3-Palms in the cellar along with his Cab offerings. Have been cellaring his 3-Palms since 78. IMHO makes one of the 3 best Merzies in the country. WW

- newsguy - 12-05-2006

hey WW, curious what your favorite three merlots are. my votes would go to duckhorn, shafer and pride, with phelps a close fourth.

- winoweenie - 12-05-2006


- Glass_A_Day - 12-05-2006

Have to say I am on the same page.

- winoweenie - 12-06-2006

I love it whenced a group comes together! [img][/img] WW

- Kcwhippet - 12-06-2006

We have a 2002 Duckhorn we're planning on serving with the Christmas roast beef dinner.

- oostexan - 01-06-2007

I am going to be a contrarian on this one. I had a 2003 Duckhorn Merlot earlier in the year and thought it was good but not great.

Now having said that, the 1997 Three Palms was the wine that was a defining moment in getting me into wine.


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- winoweenie - 01-06-2007

Oos I always have to ask the provenance of the wine that was not up to expectations. There are many Texas stores that abuse wine unknowingly. I've had this wine 3 times and all have been in the 90+ range. WW

- winophite - 01-06-2007

I've looked for the Duckhorn at my largest local retailer who says they sometimes have it but not currently, be happy to ordr it for me though. I didn't ask price but guessing probably in the 40 range? I'm not sure exactly what "provence" means or what is available,is NAPA the provence one would want or ask for when ordering? WP

- winophite - 01-06-2007

Oops, I guess thats provenance! WP

- Kcwhippet - 01-06-2007

WP, I was at Kahn's in Carmel the weekend after Thanksgiving and I believe they had it then. If not there now, of course they'll order it in for you.

- oostexan - 01-06-2007

Thanks for the nudge WW, I will try another bottle. Yes, I picked it up at my local pusher here in the Texas and it was this summer when I tried it. It was when I was trying to find Merlots that would help me get a little more depth of the varietal in the cellar. Pride and Paloma (neither of which I have tried) are really hard to get here. I thought the 03 Shafer was good, but did not curl my toes. :-)