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- Innkeeper - 07-05-2004

The reason we are starting a new thread on this one, is that it is remarkably different from previous offerings, even though they have improved slightly over the years. The '01 is still priced at the stabilized cost of $16. The alcohol level is 13.7%, and although this is not exceptionally high, this may be part of the story. There obviously was either more hang time or quicker rippening here.

It looked richer in the glass. As dark a garnet as ever seen in a Merlot. It offered currents and mocha on the nose and upfront. Very lush fruit including overripe plums add to the earthy complexity crossing the palate. The finish rang three bells. Did they accidentally get something else into the bottle? Due to cirmumstances we have another of these in the cellar.

We will not waste the other one on burgers and onions as we did tonight.

- Innkeeper - 07-24-2004

Had our second bottle tonight with properly made Orsen Well Burgers (OK I lied). Simply great with corn on the cob and salad in blue cheese dressing. It is one of best varietal Merlots we've had in a long, long time. Now, we're in a quandry. Haven't popped any of the '01 Cabs we brought home in January, so things may change.

We have opened and enjoyed immensely the '01 Syrah. So it is possible that at the end of summer when shipping is possible again, we may just reorder four of each of them in our follow up order.

- californiagirl - 07-25-2004

Finally had an opportunity to taste Tobin James wines at a "wine tasting" with KC last weekend. (I put wine tasting in quotes b/c the term is used very loosely. It was more like a cattle call in a banquet room. People pushing and shoving to make their way to one of 18 tables to taste. Interesting.)
Anyways, I was very impressed with the wines from Tobin James. I believe I tried the merlot and the cab. Can't wait for the fall shipment!

- Kcwhippet - 07-25-2004

Cattle call is too right. We went to Yankee Spirit's big distributor pouring at a hotel banquet room - both in Sturbridge, MA. The room was full of rude, wine ignorant people who were only trying to slug down as much free wine as possible. Not too many decent wines, either. A total bummer.