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- Innkeeper - 03-01-2004

1998 Easton, Shenandoah Valley (CA), Merlot ($20). Although we only happened to get it in the ’03 Fall Harvest Sampler Case, this is the best merlot from either side of either ocean that we have had for a while. Plush berry fruit on the nose and on the tongue tip. Rich, complex, and elegant with hints of cedar and tea across the palate, and it all ends with a very pleasant finish. Would not have gone out to seek this one, but would now. It does throw a big dose of sediment that you have to be careful of, but don’t let that distract you. Matched it with broiled fillet steak in bacon rasher, and salad with blue cheese dressing. Perfect and simply wonderful.

- Innkeeper - 12-16-2004

1999 Easton, Shenandoah Valley (CA), Merlot ($20). Alcohol level 14.5%. It must be something about the Valley that matures grapes like Merlot at a very slow, deliberate pace that makes the wine actually tastes great. Gives you the sense of a Pomerol at 4K feet! Very rich, almost too rich for fillet steak, and filled with black cherries and other black fruit, spices and chewy tannin. Splendid finish. Actually went well with a very chocolate dessert. One of the best New World Merlots you can find.