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- winoweenie - 11-06-2010

Found this poor lil' orphan hiding in the cellar and decided to stop the whimpering "dwinkmedwinkme" so BRW and I met for lunch at the club. Expecting the unexpected is always the outlook when dealing with any of Toms old wines. From an outstanding vintage we had faint hopes that this hummer mite still have some life..AND by cracky it did. Killer perfume hit the table when the cork was dislodged, a slight amberish rim was the only sign of age. To make a long story longer we nursed this sucker for about 5 minutes before sipping. May have been a year or so from prime time but everybody thot it was sumpin' else. A real testamont to Fred Scherrers' wine making abilities and Toms' masterful attention to the pasture. Good stuff!!!!WW