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- winophite - 01-11-2010

Resembled an old welches grape in the glass, nearly opaque, rimmed with dark ruby. Nose was dark fruit, perhaps some candied; a hint of fresh, raw celery.

A blueberry fruitiness upfront with perhaps a hint of sweet apple undr the tounge. Mild, yet present, drying tannins. A kind of hickory flavoring, not quite smokey. Finishes with a lightly acidic fruitiness.

Paso Robles 14.4% . Part of a package. Pretty tastey!

- Innkeeper - 01-12-2010

Which bottling of TJ Merlot was this one. I don't have any record of getting one with a shipment, but have ordered the Made in the Shade with special orders.

- winophite - 01-17-2010

This one was the made in the shade. It was from one of my first or second shipments from TJ...the one with the nice heavy blue napkin holders. I got extra cases shipped and got a deal. I'm guessing maybe saving my last bottle another year to see if some changes.

- winophite - 01-19-2010

You know, I was looking through a stack of notes/reciepts/old order forms. I can't tell for sure when I got this merlot. I think I may have been mistaken and ordered these bottles seperate from the club shipment.