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- wondersofwine - 03-01-2010

(A small "regal" lion on the label.)
Bottled by Count Tasca d'Almerita Agricola Regaleali Estate, Sclafani Bagni (Palermo, Sicily), Italy. Retails for about $11-$12.
Leonardo Locasio Selections. This is the everyday white wine from Tasca d'Almerita. The Regaleali Bianco is made from three grapes indigenous to Sicily: Inzolia, Catarotto and Grecanico.
12% alcohol by volume.
(I assume the name Regaleali is from the same Latin stem as "regal" and I sipped this while watching some regal figure skaters on the ice Thursday night.)
Medium gold in color. Aromatic with some light ginger spice, faint muskiness and pear juiciness. Acidic backbone--pleasant but a relatively short finish. I liked this better than the Orvieto from earlier in the week. I haven't decided if I like this better chilled or at room temperature--it has something to recommend it either way.
Possible pairings include scallops or mild fish dishes, a salad with fruits such as apples, pears or grapefruit, poached pear or a pear tatin, or mild Chinese cuisine.