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- oostexan - 01-09-2007

Went to a white wine tasting this past summer, bought several of these, forgot about them, then bumped into them today while rumaging around in the cellar. I drink very few whites.

Made rotisserie chicken sandwiches for a quickie dinner tonight while painting the dinning room. I ain't much for manual labor, no offense to those who find solace in it. But if it buys me a couple months of peace with the wifey, what the hell.

My goodness what a pairing. I was in heaven. Flame, cool, flame, cool. I put avacado, rotisserie chicken, swiss cheese, pickles, and spicey jalapenio ranch between two slices of homemade bread for the sandwiches. Sprinkled them with my own homeade seasoning (yes, every Texan worth a damn has a homemande spice for just such an occassion). The dryness and acidity from the wine and the spiciness from the Jalapenio ranch dressing and seasoning on the sandwiches had my mouth going ape shit. Hot, cool, hot, cool. It blended into one.

Highly recommended experience. I went back for thirds, and at this stage in my life, I have no bizness doing thirds...

Is is summer yet?

Oh yeah, the wine is damn good.

Now, back to the manual labor. Where is my damn checkbook when I need it. :-)


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- Kcwhippet - 01-10-2007

Alto Adige is a district, not a winery. What's the brand name? I recommend St. Michael Eppan.

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- oostexan - 01-10-2007

Sorry, it is a Terlano.

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