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- hotwine - 04-12-2007

Posting this here for benefit of the grape. Picked it up on impulse when noticed on the back label that it's from the Marble Falls area west of Austin, where I'm currently looking at property.... wishing to taste the dirt of that area before committing. And she happened to prepare a Bertolli chicken fettuccine skillet dinner tonight, providing the opportunity to pop the cork.

Appearance of cranberry juice in the glass, very much like a Chianti... good fruity nose, enough acidity on the tongue to make it food-friendly, lip-smacking finish.... I like this stuff! Can't read the back label without a magnifying glass, will do that later. 12.5% alc/vol and about $20, pricey for at Hill Country wine but maybe there's rationale on the back label. If this is a good expression of the locale, there's hope.