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- Innkeeper - 04-23-2002

2000 Tomaso Gianolio, Dolcetto D'Alba D.O.C. ($12 Is-Wine). One caution; the wine has to be very carefully decanted, running last third of bottle through a coffee filter recommended. Once you get past that, you have a dynamite wine on your hands. Color is dark, dark purple red. Gives you tart black cherries and that Italian earthy aroma, that Bucko loves to hate, on the nose. The cherries team up with bitter almonds upfront, followed by earthy complexity with ever so lightly gritty tannin across the palate, and a lovely, satisfying finish. Matched very well with locally produced cheese and garlic sausage broiled with a splash of OO, and spinach. Highly recommended.

- Innkeeper - 09-12-2002

Popped the second of two last night, and completely enjoyed it with simply sauteed burgers and nuked baby zucchini with onions. This time there was no noticable sediment in the wine. Go figure.