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- selena - 03-12-2002

does anyone know the main wine regions of italy and if so what r they? also what's the best made wine in italy and what region is it from?

- Thomas - 03-13-2002

I believe Italy is the only country where wine is produced in every region--and they are all important to Italy.

There is no such thing as a "best" in wine; every moment has its wine and every wine has its moment.

- ExpatFoodie - 03-21-2002

One of the best ways to find good wines in Italy is to simply travel around and order the house wines at eateries. Some are great others are terrible, but it's always fun and in good eateries in the more rural areas you're almost guaranteed a great food/wine combo because they're serving traditional local cuisine with a local wine. If you're just looking for imports I have to agree that no region is more important than another, though the smaller regions are often tragically overlooked by outsiders.


- Innkeeper - 03-21-2002

If you are traveling to Italy, a word of caution. Only a tiny fraction of Italian wine is imported into the U.S. and even less into Barbados. So, enjoy the wines with your meals there, but don't count on getting more when you get home. Try to note the D.O.C. if it has one, and look for others in that D.O.C. (the Italian appellation system) at home.

- selena - 03-21-2002

thxs guys u have been a really help and i'll take ur advice unfortunately i am not travelling to italy soon but i will some day....thxs again