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- winoweenie - 12-19-2010

My mind must be going by leaps and bounds. Have no ideer when I bought this, where it came from or the cost. Also I have no idea what the blazes the grapes are, the producer, or why it's in the cellar. Will report I'm glad to have the remaining 1/2 box as it really is a very nicely made wine and goes extremely well with food. 12.5% alc. (Herr In-spec-i-tor????) WW

- wondersofwine - 12-20-2010

Not Drew but here goes:

Lacrma Christi means "tears of Christ." The grapes are grown on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius near Naples. They are grapes from Southern Italy, mostly rare in other locations.

From Robin Garrs' Wine Lovers Page:

Made in red, white and rosato (pink), Lacryma Christi is made from Southern Italian grapes rarely seen elsewhere: Piedirosso and Olivella, which are locally known as Palombina and Sciascianoso, and up to 20 percent Aglianico, for the red and pink. The whites are made from Coda di Volpe (locally Caprettona) and Verdeca plus optionally a little Flalanghina and Greco.