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- hotwine - 09-22-2010

D went over to Houston for the weekend, to plunder the annual antique fair with her little sister; before she left on Thursday, I searched Spec's inventory online, looking for goodies for her to bring back. Using Spec's search window, I looked in the Italian inventory for Nebbiolo, then down the list for Langhe and something affordable - and up popped this stranger. Asked her to pick up half a case at the advertised price of $15.05 per, which she did.

Couldn't find much online about it, just that production was 500 cases. A comment in CT said it was jammy and tannic as all get-out; OK, that gave me a clue that it might, just might, turn into something decent with time.

D decided to prepare cheese & chicken ravioli in a homemade tomato sauce tonight, so decided to give this thing a try. Decanted for four hours, sampling sips along the way.... yup, jammy and tannic, like sucking raspberry jam through a wooden straw.... but evolving. Finally, when supper was ready, so was the wine, and voila! Worth the wait: jam and wood had both calmed down to make a very nice Nebbiolo - not a Barolo, but nice just the same. Worth snagging a few more. 14% al/vol.

- Thomas - 09-23-2010

Here you go:

The Faccenda family purchased Guidobono in 2003. The vineyards are outside Monforte, 30+ year-old vines in limestone based soil. Produces fruit driven, juicy, structured Barbera and Nebbiolo.

- Kcwhippet - 09-23-2010

Hotsie, The bottle cost for this wine from the distributor to us is $7.67, and we retail it for $12.99.

- hotwine - 09-23-2010

Thanks, guys.

- hotwine - 10-07-2010

Had another last night with Italian Pot Roast, a recipe from the Oct '10 issue of Southern Living magazine. It's a slow cooker, so got to smell it for eight hours before supper. Decanted the Guido for three hours and it was just right. Doing the same tonight with leftovers - the juice is already in the jug.

Sister-in-law has snagged a box for us and stashed it in her cellar to await D's next visit.

- Thomas - 10-07-2010

Love those braised dishes. In northern Italy, that is a staple form of cooking.