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- TheEngineer - 04-17-2006

Rather traditional bottle I would think.

Color is ver dark purple/ruby. A bit reserved but has cherries a bit of wood on the nose. Definetly more reserved than the SA The Chocolate Block. The wine is medium bodied with a nice acidity (tart), red fruit, and some tannins. Good balance and structure. This wine definitely need food. About $50 per bottle.

- wondersofwine - 04-24-2006

I went to a tasting of Italian wines in DC area a year or two ago and we had both a Felsina Rancia and a Fontallaro. The Fontallaro was my wine of the night. It may have been an earlier vintage (I'm thinking from the late 80's or in the 90's) but I can't find my notes on that tasting now. It may have been more mellow than the 2000 due to maturity, but I agree that the producer has good structure and balance in the wines.