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- Drew - 08-27-2003

Since I messed up the first post thought I'd try again. This is a beautiful bargain. Sweet, rich mature plum and blackberry flavors with hints of licorice that finishes long. 13.5%ABV. Under $10


- Botafogo - 08-27-2003

Drew, that is indeed good juice but the thought of Saint Nasty just slays me...

Santa Anastasia is a solid producer and the wines age well too. We are just finishing up the 1999 at $7.99 and it is better than ever.


- Innkeeper - 02-22-2004

Picked up a 2001 edition at Blue Hill Wine Shop a couple of months ago at the same price as Roberto's. Popped it last night with, hang onto your pants, hot dogs and beans. It was the beans that made the match posssible, and the dogs were just complimentary. We do beans a little different than most Mainers. Instead of using yellow eye beans, brown sugar, and molasses; we use jacob's cattle beans, and maple syrup. This results in a dish that is a much less sweet, nuttier offering. All went well with the wine and the salad. Agree that this Nero is a top value.

- Drew - 02-23-2004

Doesn't get any better...Weenies, Beanies and St. Nasty.


- Innkeeper - 11-01-2004

Today, had a hankerin' for Veal Marsala. Could not find any fillet pieces locally, but did find (a harder to find) pound of ground veal. So, made four thin patties of it and cooked it the same way as we would the fillets. Not bad at all, really. Matched it with a bottle of the '02 version of the St Nasty. Very, very nice. A fine Sicilian night.