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- TheEngineer - 09-13-2009

Awesome wine. Everything that I want in a Barolo and in a Pira and drinking really well now. The nose is wonderfully warm, complex, evolved, mocha, rose, earthy, and tar. Very structured still and wonderful poise. This barolo is more traditional than the Fontanafredda. My favourite of the night in that it had a slightly flamboyant but honest nature side. Super length and persistence.

- TheEngineer - 09-20-2009

I had half of this bottle left so I just corked it up and left it in the back of the fridge a week ago.... tonight, drank the rest of it. Man this thing is solid. Yes most of the fruit had gone but the wines was still a very solid barolo, wish I had a few left to age for a few more years.