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- skogkatt - 04-29-2001

Laat night a dinner we were served a '99' Piccini Chianti. As a newcomer to quality I thought it quite nice and promptly went out today and purchased a 1.5 L for $7.99. questions: Is this a good wine or am I to inexperince to know what really is good? Secondly, is there another Chianti in a reasonable price range to compare it with that the board thinks is quite good?
Third, around the neck at the bottom edge of the cork wrap it has a pink label with the initials DOCG, says CHIANTI, has letter/numbers AAP04947428 and something written in Italian. What does all this mean?
Your thoughts as always are appreciated.

- winecollector - 04-30-2001

I've never had the Piccini Chianti, but I can recommend a few other you may want to compare to. Gabbiano is a low priced favorite among some of us, about $9. Montecello makes a nice everyday drinker for around $13 for a magnun. For a little more money, you can try Banfi Chianti Classico Riserva at about $15 a bottle. The nice thing about chianti, is that it is great either by itself, or with most foods. Hope you enjoy them.

As far as DOC and DOCG catagories, this is a classification given by Italian wine laws to wines. It is supposed to indicate a measure of quality for wines coming from legally defined viticultural districts. These classifications were originally intended to prevent poor quality wines from being labeled as chianti. There is some controversy as to whether some of these wines deserve their DOC or DOCG rating due to politics, but for the most part, I have been pleased with most chianti's I've drank.

- hotwine - 04-30-2001

Piccini is OK, but we prefer their Chianti Classico (dark bottle with lady's head on label, blue capsule). Looks like we only paid $8.99 for it a month ago, and that extra buck buys a much nicer wine (fruitier, without the sharp tannins of the plain ole Chianti). We find an excuse to drink at least one bottle each week.....

- barnesy - 04-30-2001

The 99 is particularly good for the price. I use the 750ml bottle for the house cooking wine. I had finished up a bottle of something else, used the 98 previously, and had the wife pick up the 99 so i could make some dinner. Sipped some while I was cooking and found it to be quite nice. Can't beat it for a 5 dollar supermarket wine.


- skogkatt - 05-01-2001

Thanks for the suggestions, we'll give them a try.