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- Nanci - 05-03-2001


I'm a wine novice -- at least in the sense of knowledge, if not drinking.

In 1990, I bought my fiancee an engagement present and we're wondering if we should drink it now to celebrate our10th anniversary. It's a Vietti Barolo riserva'Viller' 1982. Now or later? Do you think it will be good?

Thank you very much!


- ddf68 - 05-03-2001

You've got a top wine from a respected producer. Barolo is a rather long lasting wine and 1982 was a good year. Not only is it likely to be good, it may very well be great. You could drink it now and it will probably be quite nice. Holding onto it for a few more years probably wouldn't hurt, either, if that's what you want to do. All of this assumes the wine has been and will continue to be properly stored--b/w 45 and 65 degrees F. Cheers.


- winecollector - 05-03-2001

Hi Nanci, and welcome aboard. Everything that ddf68 said in the previous post is correct- great year, great producer, great wine. However, if for some reason the bottle did not have proper storage since you purchased it in a cool, somewhat constant temperature, I would suggest that you definitely go ahead and open it soon, or for your upcoming aniversary. If however, it has been stored properly, then you may keep it for at least another 5, 10 or 15 years or more if you like. Light and warm temperatures will kill a wine prematurely, no matter how good it is.

Something else to consider, is that you may find it has some sediment in it. About a week before you plan to open it, stand the bottle upright, so the sediment collects on the bottom. If the wine was properly stored, decant it at least an hour before drinking, leaving the sediment in the bottle. If it was not properly stored, pour the wine directly from the bottle into you glasses shortly before you are ready to drink it, just letting it breathe in the glass. As long as your wine did not experience temperatures of 80 or above for extended periods of time, odds are you will still be able to enjoy it. Hope this helps. Good luck!

- Nanci - 05-04-2001

Thank you two for your help!

I'm so glad I made a good choice way back when. Or I should say, picked the right wine shop, then listened to him. I barely even drank wine ten years ago.

We're going to open it soon because, though it's been protected from the light and in an inside-wall closet, it does get warm here (Bay Area, CA) and we don't have air conditioning.

I'll let you know!

Thanks again, Nanci