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- winophite - 01-30-2007

South Italy IGT wine of 70% negroamaro 30% primitivo. 13% alc. under 9 bucks. Very dark purple,nearly opague showing garnet around the rim. Nose of cherry with floral overtones and perhaps a hint of newly mown grass. First taste hit with an initial burst of plumminess followed by extreme dryness on mid palate finishing with strong bitter tannins at the back of the throat.

I'm amazed at how much wines can change after 30 minutes of air time! Nose gained some barnyard, the bitterness disappeared and the fruit intensified, still had firm tannins leaving the mouth dry and wanting.

Paired up nicely with pasta alfredo with leftover grilled chicken chuncks,(kicked up a notch with a pinch of cumin and oregano), and sides of fruit cocktail and french bread sticks.