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- winecollector - 08-04-2000

Just wanted to let you guys know, after what has turned out to be a fantastic week for me, I decided to celebrate and open up one of my 5 remaining 74' Fossi Chianta Classico Riserva's this evening with a good friend. I must say, I have literally drank HUNDREDS of bottles of chianti over the past several years, but none were as alive and kickin' as this one tonight! Grant you, I was already on a high from the events of the day, but this baby was so full of fruit, flavor, aroma and alcohol, that it's one of those bottles you remember for the rest of your life, and I still have four left!

Bucko- It ain't dead yet!

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- Thomas - 08-04-2000

Gee, collector, sounds like you should invite us to a tasting....want my schedule?

- winecollector - 08-05-2000

If your ever down my way Foodie, just give me a holler! Scoop came to town this week, and we opened some good ones as well. Just let me know about a week ahead, so I can adjust my schedule.

- Scoop - 08-05-2000

And many thanks, once again, for your hospitality and the great wines!

The 1990 Vietti Fioretto (may it rest in peace) was all it was cracked up to be! Too bad they aren't making that one anymore.

Hope the Hureau is up to snuff.



- winecollector - 08-07-2000

Your very welcome. Let me know your opinion on the other wines when you get the chance to open them. I may try to open yours this coming weekend. Thank you as well!

- winecollector - 01-24-2001

Opened up another bottle of the 74' Fossi Sunday evening at a restraunt with fried breaded appetizers among friends. This wine just keeps getting better with every bottle I open! It was definately the hit of the evening, and was told by my friends it was the best wine they have ever had! The next day, I went to my favorite wine store to order a few cases of more recent vintages, 1990, and 1997.

Roberto or Foodie- can either of you guys get your hands on any of this stuff from an above average vintage?

RE: - ddunn222 - 08-24-2017

What would a bottle of this be worth today? I may have a couple of bottle newly discovered.