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- Hal - 11-13-2002

Sudtirol Alto Adige Lagrein 1999 DOC Perl $17

This bottle was recommended by my merchant, who takes great pride both in his carefully selected offerings, and in his understanding his customers tastes. He said the wine is traditionally served with wild boar.

Dense, deep blackberry in color, actually opaque. Ruby at the edge. Nose not huge, but wonderfully subtle aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, spices and wood smoke. On the palate, dense, rich mouthfeel, yet medium-bodied, soft tannins, slightly over-weight acidity. Dark berry flavors, nutty finish.

We drank the wine with a pasta, tomato sauce and sausage dinner, but I think steak would have been a terrific match. I will get another bottle or two and try another pairing.

- wondersofwine - 11-13-2002

Sounds really good. I used to enjoy boar meat in Germany and also at a restaurant in Pacific Grove, CA where chef/owner was from Kitzbuhl area of Austria. (I wanted to go back to that restaurant in September but it is closed. He probably retired or relocated)
I remember having an appetizer at the restaurant of mushroom buttons in a delicate breading then fried without greasiness and said to the waitress that the only place I had seen similar fried mushrooms was when skiing in Kitzbuhl, Salbach, Zell am See district in Austria. That's when she told me the chef/owner was from Kitzbuhl area and brought him out to meet us. But I digress from wines. Not a bad price on that wine either.

- Thomas - 11-13-2002

mushroom buttons! take me back to college...

Hal, glad to be of service. That Lagrein does taste great with boar, but then so does Refosco, Barbaresco, and a few other Italian delights.

- wondersofwine - 11-13-2002

Was it the mushroom buttons in college that left you mellow enough to stay out of political arguments?

- Thomas - 11-13-2002

Nah, mellow comes with age, as does avoiding the mushrooms.

Just like at a Senate hearing, where no minds seem to change, most people come into a political argument completely uninterested in hearing the other side. I am truly concerned about the coarseness in our culture, the lean toward governing morals, the potential loss of liberties in the name of security, and the pounding of chests by some leaders who hadn't the courage to even serve in the military and who haven't a clue what a ravaged, bullet-torn body looks like.

- Hal - 11-14-2002

Foodie, I'm glad you found a soapbox in my tasting report.

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