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- robr - 09-23-2005

I just popped a Fat Bastard Shiraz and a Bolla Chianti. I really expected to like the FB better, but it's fairly closed, and probably needs to be decanted.

I was surprized that the Chianti is really much easier to drink, very fruity and well balanced, even though it is a cheaper wine.

Price isn't always an indicator of taste, but I still think the FB will be better once it has some more time to open. I'll let you know.

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- hotwine - 09-23-2005

Hate to pop the bubble but the Fat Bastard is all hat and no cattle. Cutesy name, little substance. The Bolla is a little better, but not much, yet at least it's true to its appellation. Raise your sights.

- robr - 09-23-2005

Hey HW,

How's the weather over there? "All hat and no cattle", that's a Tejas expression if I ever heard one!

I really like most of the FB wines, maybe because of the clever marketing more than the actual juice itself. You're right, it's not the best that can be found, but I am still new to all this and trying everything I can find. The best Shiraz I have tried so far was one from South Africa from a winery called Paddock. I was hoping this one would be as good, but it isn't. It has a very tannic flavor.

As far as Bolla, it's a good easy drink, and worth every bit of the $8 I paid, in my opinion! I will enjoy it.

If you know of some OTHER really good Chiantis, or Shiraz that you could recommend, I will listen.

- hotwine - 09-24-2005

Weather is very pleasant.... a bit breezy, but no rain in sight. And we really need it. Maybe if this dude does a button-hook over the ArkLaTex and rolls back SW, we might pick up a few drops.

I'm not a big fan these days of either Chianti or Shiraz... prefer alternatives to those two.

For Italians at your price point, look for:
-Maraia Barbera Monferrato, $7
-Villa Puccini Toscano, $7.69
-Masciarlli Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, $8
-Miliasso Barbaresco, $7.65

For Syrah at that price, look for:
-Guigal CdR, $8
-Dom. de Amouriers VdP de Vaucluse, $5
-Le Faux Frog VdP d'Oc Syrah, $7
-Sarl le Camessot VdP de Vaucluse Syrah, $8.

I see on Costco's Website that they have three stores in Orlando. If you're not already a member, highly recommend you join. They're the biggest wine retaler in the country. All of the Italians listed above came from Costco, while all of the French came from other discounters, esp. World Market.

- robr - 09-24-2005

Thanks a lot Hotster,

I saved and printed that list. I don't belong to Costco, but will look into getting a membership. Until then, I will look for these where I usually shop.

I often spend in the $10-$15 range also, and sometimes even a little more when I'm flush. Usually, I'm not, so you got the range about right.

I just tried some more of the FB. It's really not very good, decanting for a couple of hours actually made it taste worse.

Glad the hurricane isn't bothering you at all.