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- em4428 - 03-27-2002

I remember when I was younger, my father and mother used to take me, my brothers, and sister to this true Italian resturant...and im not saying Fazoli's or Pizza Hut either. These guys were pure Sicilian/Italians. On our birthdays, we had a tradition that we would receive a very small glass of this certain type of red thinking some type of dessert wine because it was very sweet, and it had a dark red color to it. Does anyone have an idea what kind that might have been. I always enjoyed it back then but had never knew the name of the wine...Any Ideas??????

- wondersofwine - 03-28-2002

Possibly Lambrusco. I don't know if they would open a bottle of Amarone della Valpolicella or the like for children. Or it may have been a Sicilian dessert wine in which case I would not be at all familiar with it. Maybe Foodie or Roberto will weigh in. Welcome to the board!

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- Innkeeper - 03-28-2002

It could have been Malvasia Delle Lipari. Colosi makes a nice one with fairly wide distribution in this country.

- Randy Caparoso - 03-28-2002

If it was very sweet, as he says, I wouldn't doubt if it was a Marsala, which is very dark with reddish streaks in certain lights.

- Thomas - 03-28-2002

Marsala is a good bet but, sadly, we are just shooting in the dark. If the restaurant was in the U.S. there is no guarantee that the wine was Sicilian or that it was even Italian.

- crazymatt1 - 03-28-2002

Although it's not VERY sweet, possibly Vin Santo?

- Drew - 03-28-2002

The color of Vin Santo ranges from light caramel to medium tawny so the descriptor of red wouldn't apply plus I don't think the restaurant would pour such an expensive wine. I would vote on the Lambrusco.


- vinman - 03-29-2002

Lambrusco Reggiano I suspect.