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- GGDU - 01-03-2001

I have come across a bottle whose label reads as follows:
Cantina di
Oltrepo Pavese
Denominazione di origine controlata
Pinot Nero
Vino spumante di qualita
metod classico. methode champenoise

I have found the vineyard on the net but cannot find any info on the bottles quality or price.

- mrdutton - 01-03-2001

Welcome to the wine board!

You can try this web site:

You might be able to get some information there.

Good Luck!

- Botafogo - 01-03-2001

Since you "happened upon" it, price is irrelevant, yes? (unless the real thrust of your question is "I got this for Christmas and how much did they spend on me?" in which case shame on you!) As to quality, OPEN that sucker up and try it. Assuming it is actually available in the US there will be an importer's label on the back for sourcing more if you like it. If some kind soul actually carried this back from Lombardia then double shame on you for not simply appreciating it and taking it for what it is.

OK, that was harsh but I have taken five hundred phone calls in the last week (mostly about crap we don't sell) with "how much is this worth?" as opposed to "what should I serve this with?" as the main subject line....


- Thomas - 01-03-2001

So glad someone else said that--I am tired of pointing it out.